Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sutera brewery

Have you ever tried Japanese liquor called "sake"? As I'm over 20, I'm allowed to have alcohol in Japan. But I don't drink nor smoke usually, and when I'm feeling like drinking I have a beer or wine. However, sometimes wine nor beer doesn't go well with Japanese dishes.

So I came to this brewery called "Sutera". According to my research, there were only two family-owned "sake" breweries in my city, and this one was situated just at the foot of Mt. Tsukuba, which I showed in this post

It was raining the day before I came here, but we rarely see a flog in September. This one called "Amagaeru" was at the entrance of this brewery, and is the most commonly seen flog in my area.

These "sake" barrels are called "Taru". We associate fat people with "Taru", as their bellies are often protruding like these barrels.

And this is a place where many kinds of sake were sold. The clerk said this brewery was small, but sold so many different kinds of sake, from light taste sake to thick.

This is a sake that the clerk strongly recommended to me. The dark blue label had a word "Ginjyou", and it means the ingredients of the sake were carefully selected, and the sake was also carefully brewed. If you find a sake bottle in your neighbor, please buy one called "Ginjyou"-something.

This brewery offered a place to sit and enjoy sake. There were a few kinds of sake you can order here whose names were written on the paper.

Those who usually don't drink might prefer this "sake cake". I have ever tasted some cake with "sake" flavor, and the alcohol the cake had was slightly strong, and it tasted very good. 

I showed a winery in this post, but foreign people would be more interested in sake breweries. =)