Thursday, September 2, 2010

Naritasan -1-

I went to the second most popular temple in Japan, which is called "Naritasan", alias "Shinshouji". It attracts about 3 million people around New Years when we pay the first visit. I'm not a Buddhist, but these days I'm really interested in the tradition of Japan, so I decided to see what this temple would look like.
Basically this temple is set up as a place for foreign tourists, so you can see many shops that are selling "Japanese" things. This area is so close to Narita Airport that many foreign people visit this temple on their way back from or to the airport.

It was about 35 degrees last Sunday, so it would have been nice to buy shaved ice at the shop that is hanging the flag with the red kanji. The red kanji means "Ice".

And this is the entrance to the temple. The right dog you see is called "Komainu", which is said to protect the temple itself. This gate is called "Soumon", and was constructed in '06.

People were taking pics of this big red lantern. You can see how big it is by comparing it with those people walking. I wish I could explain the meaning of the black kanji, but I can't even read it.

There was a pond where those tortoises were resting. They'd definitely need water when it was so hot as this.

As I explained before, this is where you're supposed to put incense sticks. The smoke purifies your body and soul before you say a prayer. I think you can find things like this at every temple.

And there was a three-fold tower. It was constructed in 1712, and its height is 25m. You could say this tower is middle-sized.

When you take a closer look, you could recognize many dragon relieves. This tower was decorated flashy, but it was because this tower was constructed in the modern age. 

-to be continued-