Thursday, September 16, 2010

Le maison de campagne

Do you think visiting every cafe in your city is a girlie thing? I sometimes think having coffee at a neat cafe is not what guys are supposed to do, 'cause I'm often the only person in the cafe who's enjoying a coffee. I usually don't care about others' attention while I'm at a Doutor, or Starbucks but when the cafe is so stylish like the one below, I can't help looking around.

But as my friend recommended this cafe as very good, I decided to have coffee here. As you can see, this cafe opened in '07, or just 3 years ago, so the whole building looked so new. I liked this surrounding at once 'cause the bamboo trees made me feel peaceful.

I was just going to have a coffee, but people who come to this cafe would have not only something to drink, but a piece of cake. Every cake was very expensive like 300 yen, and I didn't think they were what people could afford daily. But the clerk who was also a patissier didn't seem to care about whether I'd buy one.

There were only 5 tables in this cafe. You'd notice the quality of the tables is very good. I'm so used to seeing tables and chairs made of plywood.

The cake-looking thing on your left is called a "Kisch", According to my research it is a French word, and it's something like cake that isn't sweet. And this had some ham and potato in between. I thought it would have been good for those who were on a diet. And I still am. 

Though the title of this blog is currently "Inside Japan", what I write about is sometimes very regional. But no blogger would be able to cover everything in his country, and neither am I...>.<