Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seiryuu (清瀧)

I had sushi in January and this was the second time I had sushi this year. As I told you, we Japanese consider sushi as very expensive, and we have it mostly on special occasions like one's birthday or promotion.

 The name of this restaurant was 清瀧, and I think it can be translated as "a pure waterfall". If you write the latter Kanji as 龍, its meaning is "a dragon", but with the three strokes on the left side, its meaning changes to a waterfall. 

 As I was waiting for my dish to be delivered, I found this Leo statue. The Kanji 獅子 means Leo. There was another room on my right, and the people were making noises and I was a bit irritated. 

This is a set I ordered for lunch. Of course the main dish was sushi, but I could have Osumashi (お澄まし) and Chawanmushi (茶わん蒸し) as side dishes. The former tastes like diluted soy sauce, which looks like the black soup on the right, and the latter is like steamed egg that contains boiled chicken and some pieces of vegetable, and it is to the left of the Osumashi and looks yellow. 

I have to say this set was reasonable as it was about only 12 US dollars, and this was the reason why I could have sushi for no special reason :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ueshima Coffee Shop

As I've said, I'm a huge fan of coffee. It might sound odd that I like coffee so much, and it would make more sense if I introduce green tea for this blog. But even if you walk around in my city or somewhere else, you wouldn't find a single green tea shop. It's served only when you go to a Japanese restaurant, or you should make it yourself at home.

 I came to this outlet mall in a nearby city. I always try to avoid taking pics of people because it would infringe on their privacy. 

I had checked online if there was any new coffee shop opened, but the website for this mall didn't show this Ueshima Coffee Shop. It's one of the most prestigious coffee brands of Japan.  

 It was very comfortable to sit on this seat. I came here just before noon, and it started to get crowded when we were leaving. 

These were an iced Cafe Vienne and sandwiches. The latter had raw salmon and cheese. This coffee was more than worth the price, but I can't come here often because I would have to drive more than half an hour to get here. 

What do you like about Japan? Whatever you like, you'd need nice meals to make your trip satisfying :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

An Evangelion Energy Drink

Hi, I'd like to show only one picture this time. I was in AKB last Saturday, and found this drink sold at a pharmacy called "Matsumotokiyoshi". Do you know the anime Evangelion? Its original anime series was broadcast in the 90s, but its movie sequels started to be released in '07. 

Anyways, this is a kind of drink that would energize you. The most popular drink of this kind is "Ripobitan D", and this Evangelion drink tasted just like it. The yellow Japanese on the label would mean in English "The Evangelion drink that maximizes your activity". And I bet some of you are familiar with this girl "Aska". As far as I remember she is half-German, right? 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

An ideal day for walking around in AKB

Hi Everybody, it's getting a bit warmer in Japan, and yesterday the high was about 11 degrees Celsius. I feel a bit sad when it's winter because the sun sets very early and when it does people hurry back to their homes. So I'm feeling very happy these days as we're having more warmer days.

 A friend of mine told me there was a good anime called "Stein's Gate", and this ad is its video game that would be playable on Playstation 3. This place is right next to Akihabara station. 

 And as I was walking along the street of Akihabara, I saw these anime mug cups. I took this pic because it seemed to me Azusa was advertising these cups, but her pic was for Moe wallets. 

 When it was past 3pm, my friend and me took a rest at this Subway, which was just a 5 minutes' walk from the station.

Is chicken available at the Subways in your country? I had Ramen for lunch, but its taste was terrible and what's worse, it was too little.  

 Do you remember that I introduced a girls' group Momoiro Clover Z? It's no match for AKB48, but their funny and energetic performance is liked by not a few otaku people. Momoiro means "the color of peach". 

 This is one example of how they're popular. There are 5 figurines in the case and each of them is the 5 members of Momoiro Clover Z. You can see this in Akihabara of course. 

There is a bar in Akihabara called "Player", and you can have a nice hot dog there. Its alias is "Cafe&Music Bar", so I want to try it later on because music is essential for my life. Here is the website for this bar. 

I hope we can have much better spring than last year. I mean, no more earthquakes.