Monday, March 19, 2012

Ueshima Coffee Shop

As I've said, I'm a huge fan of coffee. It might sound odd that I like coffee so much, and it would make more sense if I introduce green tea for this blog. But even if you walk around in my city or somewhere else, you wouldn't find a single green tea shop. It's served only when you go to a Japanese restaurant, or you should make it yourself at home.

 I came to this outlet mall in a nearby city. I always try to avoid taking pics of people because it would infringe on their privacy. 

I had checked online if there was any new coffee shop opened, but the website for this mall didn't show this Ueshima Coffee Shop. It's one of the most prestigious coffee brands of Japan.  

 It was very comfortable to sit on this seat. I came here just before noon, and it started to get crowded when we were leaving. 

These were an iced Cafe Vienne and sandwiches. The latter had raw salmon and cheese. This coffee was more than worth the price, but I can't come here often because I would have to drive more than half an hour to get here. 

What do you like about Japan? Whatever you like, you'd need nice meals to make your trip satisfying :)