Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Itasha (痛車) in Akihabara

Hi, let me show you two pics of Itasha (car with anime artwork) that I took in Akihabara the other day. Mostly the streets of AKihabara are really congested and there are many patrol cars watching us. But sometimes you get surprised by the boisterous sounds of Itasha roaring past you. 

I don't know who those girls are, and even though I'm familiar with anime I'm only 50% correct about the girls on Itasha. 

A bit rare one. Itabike. Oh, I forgot to tell you but "sha" is written as 車 in Kanji. and it means car.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Rokurinsha (六厘舎)

Hi, it's finally the season of my favorite area Akihabara. It's because "Aki" means fall in English, and it's when you can walk about in this anime area without sweating. But I went to Tokyo last week to have a kind of Ramen "Tsukemen" that was available in Tokyo station. 

When I go to Tokyo I can't avoid Akihabara because the terminal station of the TX line is Akihabara. I had some coffee in this area before going to Tokyo by way of the Yamanote line.

You can come from Akihbara station to Tokyo station in 3 minutes by train. And this Ramen shop "Rokurinsha" is on the first basement floor of Tokyo station. It is written "六厘舎".  

This is a Tsukemen that is reputed for its taste on the Internet. It is quite normal for people to see the reputation online before visiting a restaurant. I was kept waiting in line for 1 hour. The taste was really good. But I didn't feel like waiting that long for a second time as there are good Tsukemen shops in Akihabara such as Yasubee