Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Washoku Sato (A Japanese restaurant)

It has been so hot in Japan, and the average high in the past few weeks should be about 34 degrees Celsius. When it's September, it could get so hot during the day, but the temperature drops considerably in the night, so we normally wouldn't have to run the air conditioner in the night. But as in other countries, Japan is now experiencing the longest summer it has ever had. Btw, the meaning of "Washoku" is "Japanese food" FYI.

So, I wanted to have something cold....and Japanese. I haven't shown you Japanese food in a while, so it was time to introduce a new Japanese restaurant. This one is called "Washoku Sato" and Sato means a "hometown".

When it was so hot like this, nothing can stop me from ordering an iced coffee. This restaurant didn't have what we call a "drink bar", so I had just one glass of iced coffee. But the quality was very good. And you could have hot green tea for free as well.

And I had this "Ebiten Oroshi Udon". The bowl had fried shrimps and grated radish, and those were sitting on cold Udon. You need to pour soy-sauce-like seasoning in the cup all over the bowl. The price was 890 yen. The exchange rate of the yen against the dollar has been around 84 yen recently, so it was about 10.6 dollars.

I'm taller than ordinary Japanese men, so I often feel hungry without an additional dish. As you know this is Gyouza. But I had to admit the Gyouza of Oushou that I introduced in this post was much better.

I like the summer the best of the four seasons, but I'm now getting tired of this heat....>.<