Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ringer Hut

Let me introduce a restaurant called "Ringer Hut". This restaurant originated in Nagasaki prefecture in 1970, and it now operates across Japan. Though almost all restaurants are having a hard time during this recession, this "Ringer Hut" is now in good business.

It is also known as "Nagasaki Chanpon", and it is a flagship specialty this restaurant offers. I wanted to show you a pic of "Nagasaki Chanpon", but it was too hot when I came here. All kinds of Chanpon is hot like Ramen, so I didn't try it. But FYI, please take a look at pics of it. 

Nagasaki was a place where people from many countries like the Netherlands, Portugal, and China got together in the 16th century, and Chinese people invented the Chanpon by mixing many features of foreign dishes. But on this day I wanted to try the noodles you see on the hanged ad.

This one was called "Natsu no Men" or noodles of the summer. This is similar to "Tsukemen" that I introduced in this post, but the difference was the soup was cold.

And this soup (or broth?) tasted like Thai dishes. I went to Thailand 3 years ago, and I liked almost every food of the tropical country. Honestly I was thinking only restaurants owned by individuals were good, but this Ringer Hut was beyond my expectation. 

I'd like to give this restaurant another try. A Ringer Hut is available in Asakusa too, so please visit it when you go there  =)