Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tsukemen Senmonten Ippo

-This is another posting on a kind of Ramen called "Tsukemen"(The first posting was this.)-
While I was wandering the streets of Akihabara, I felt hungry, and as I had planned to have Ramen in this area, we decided to have lunch at this Ramen shop called "Tsukemen Senmonten Ippo". The meaning of "Senmonten" is "a specialized shop", and "Ippo" is either "the first step" or "one step".
It seems it has its shop only in Akihabara, but as far as I searched on the Internet, it is widely supported by many Tsukemen fans. There is a narrow street where there are many maid cafes in Akihabara, and if you go north along the street you'd see this shop. 
As the clock on the wall shows, it was before noon, but as we had decided to leave Akihabara soon, we had an early lunch. When we took seats the shop wasn't crowded, but as we waited almost all the seats were occupied. 
I ordered a regular Tsukemen that cost 8.6 us dollars. The yen is soaring against the dollar these days, so you'd think this is a bit expensive. Tsukemen is basically a set of Ramen and a bowl of broth, so you should dip the Ramen in the broth like below. 
The texture of the noodles was a bit sticky, but they went down my throat so easily. After coming home I found out on the net that this shop was renowned for its spicy Tsukemen, so I'd like to try it next time I come here. I didn't choose the spicy one since it was over 33 degrees Celsius on the day. 

I saw some foreign people in Akihabara, but it seemed they weren't so interested in anime, but in some electronics stores.