Saturday, July 3, 2010

Plus 1 Cafe Garden

I've shown many "Japanese" restaurants so far, but what makes my city look modern is not those Japanese restaurants, but new cafes that got in business recently. I really feel peaceful when I have a meal at a tranquil Japanese restaurant, but what is really appetizing for me is often western dishes. And people in my city seem to favor western dishes served at western-styled cafes.
This cafe is called "Plus 1 Cafe Garden", and is in the northern part of my city. I have to drive for 45 minutes to reach this cafe, but nonetheless it is always worth driving.

As the name of the cafe suggests, it has a garden, and a terrace where you can relax to your heart's content. It was so hot and humid on the day, but my friend and I chose the table over there to take in fresh air and appreciate the garden. This cafe was playing Norah Jones while I was waiting.

I prefer cats over dogs, but I like to see very cute dogs like this. This dog is named Leon, and he was adopted by the owner of this cafe when he was just 4 months old. There was a piece of paper that said "You'd get bitten if you ever touch him".

While I was looking at the garden and listening to Norah Jones (the album "not too late"), my dish was served. This is a hamburger with pieces of mushroom and some cheese. We often see all the foods put on the same dish at cafes like this. The hamburger tasted a bit of vinegar and the bitterness of the minced onion went well with the soft beef..

When it's too hot, I can't resist having an iced coffee. But this coffee was included in the price of the hamburger set. The taste? A bit bitter, but better with a little milk. I'd have given a B grade out of 5(A-E).

This paper said, "A commercial for a Toyota car 'Passo' was shot at this cafe. And an actress called Rosa Kato was the one who was advertising the car". She's a half-Italian, btw.

And here's the video of the commercial (the name of the cafe was changed to "Cafe Cua" in this vid). The other "less pretty" woman is a comedian Ayako Imoto.