Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Numamoto (A provincial cafe)

One of the neighboring cities is called "Ushiku", and it has a train station and many restaurants in the center, but if you drive 10 minutes away from the center you'd reach its rural areas. And this cafe called "Numamoto" is in an area where there are lots of trees and wild flowers.

I think this cafe is one of the most expensive ones in my prefectures, and I haven't come here for more than 3 years. The "Numa" off the name "Numamoto" means "marsh". And it is a commonly seen surname among us.

This cafe has a terrace and garden and you can walk around in the garden. You might not see how big the garden is in this picture, but it is at least as large as 900 square meters.

I ordered a Dutch coffee, and it had this cream on top of the coffee. It cost as much as 6.2 us dollars. I usually refrain from spending so much money on coffee, but I couldn't have only Mcdonald's coffee on end. Of course I'd give an A grade out of 5 (A-E)

It was around noon, so I felt a bit hungry. This is sandwiches that had boiled egg, salad, and pieces of ham in between. This cost as much as the coffee. We often have rice balls for lunch, but sandwiches are preferred by many Japanese people for lunch as well.

After finishing the lunch I walked around the garden for a while. It was so humid and hot, but under the shadows of the trees I could feel soft breeze on my cheeks. We are still in the middle of the rainy season, and it will take a while before the sweltering summer kicks in.

It was so tranquil in and outside the cafe, and while I was having the coffee, the background music was something classical. I like the hustle-bustle of Tokyo very much, but usually I tend to prefer tranquil atmosphere.