Sunday, August 1, 2010

La Cote d'Azur Douxlett

This summer has been extraordinarily hot, and the average high in the past few weeks should have been about 34 degrees Celsius or more. And as I can't spend hot days without having much iced coffee, I'm always looking for a newly opened cafe in my city, when my friend told me about this "La Cote d'Azur Douxlett".
There are some cake shops in my city and I introduced "Dandelion" in this posting. I don't know much about the other cities in Japan, but people here seem to like to buy some cake on weekends. I wouldn't say a coffee served by a cake shop is always good, but it's often better than ones by very cheap cafes.

This cake shop is close to the station I introduced in this posting and the areas around the station are surrounded by many condos. Those condos were started to be built in about '07, when our economy was very good, but alas, we have been in recession since '08, and those condos still have many vacancies. You can see only a car dealer over there, and there's still much space to be developed.

Sometimes I don't have to tell how good an iced coffee is, because when an iced coffee is so pitch-black as this, the taste is always good. I'd give it an A+ grade out of 5(A-E) grades.

Since I've avoided sweets this summer, I didn't want to have this, but my friends insisted I have this as well so that my blog would have more entertaining pics. The ice cream had a blueberry taste. Some people have blueberries since it's good for your eyes. Do you think it's true?

For me, this summer is especially long partly because we've already had lots of hot days this summer. I can't believe we'll have another hot month :)