Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Walk in Akihabara -11-

As I live in a rural area, visiting Tokyo is one of the most enjoyable things for me. I usually don't like to be among too many people, but when I come to the capital once in a while I feel energized to see people walking under the strong sunshine.
Have you gotten used to seeing scenery in Akihabara? I often see bicycles going on this Chuo Street, and they really come close to being hit by cars.

As I showed before, this Akihabara UDX is always advertising things related to anime or manga on that huge screen. Upon seeing it, foreign people would easily associate Japan with anime.

As I play some instruments, I browse some stuff sold at instrument shops in Akihabara. Those devices with K-ON characters are tiny VOX amplifiers for basses and guitars. Of course the one in the center with the Mio pictures is for a bass guitar.

Found another new Moe sweet. The big letters say "Akibanana", and it is cake bars with banana flavor sold in this area only. The girl is called "Nana-chan".

And took some rest at the Renoir I introduced before. Akihabara has countless coffee shops.

Do you know we have train cars that are available only for women in Japan? The reason why we have those is to prevent perverts from touching women, or to keep you from being mistaken for a molester.

And this Hibiya line has those women-only train cars. This is one of the subways that is available in Akihabara. 

I'll miss this summer season come September. But it was reported we'd have relatively hot weather also in the next month and October.