Thursday, August 26, 2010

West House

The city I live in is a mixture of rural and urban scenery, but as the population is large, I often see newly opened restaurants even in the middle of this recession. I don't know if the owners of those restaurants were sure of success, but some of the new restaurants went out of business in half a year.
There are two western-styled restaurants called "West House" in my city, and this opened recently near the center of my city. The other older West House is often crowded with young couples, and it is where people can have a large amount of food.

I could see this chandelier over the table we were seated at. The name "West House" reminded me of something that could exist in western America, so this Gothic stuff seemed odd to me.

This spaghetti had some kind of mushroom, tomato and lettuce. It was cool to have Italian dishes in my city several years ago, but now people seem to be tired of something Italian. I think people in my city are now rather into bread, and the bakeries in my city are sometimes crowded.

Have you seen desserts put on saucers like this? It was fun to look at those desserts, but as I don't have something sweet usually, I couldn't tell if those were good enough. The cake on the upper saucer had a yogurt taste. This iced coffee was very good though. 

Would you think this spaghetti set can fill your stomach? Japanese restaurants often charge you much for a little.