Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oil Clear Paper

What would you do when you're in Japan in the summer and sweating a lot? Probably you'd take out your own handkerchief out of your pocket and wipe your forehead and cheeks. But not all Japanese blot their sweat with their handkerchiefs.

We can buy this paper called "oil clear paper" at convenience stores in Japan. It doesn't cost much, and the cheapest package is about 100 yen or so. Your handkerchief would wipe your sweat, but the main objective of this paper is to wipe your oiliness in your sweat. Obviously Japanese people don't want their faces to be seen oily by others.

I took out one piece of the paper and it's basically thinner than ordinary paper. When it's so humid and hot, you'd need a few pieces to wipe out your oily sweat completely. Would you think Japanese people care too much about whether they're hygiene or clean enough? I think you would, as we have state-of-the-art toilet bowls like this one.

I'd like to introduce something that is available only in Japan, but is this paper sold in your country too?