Thursday, August 19, 2010

Orzo Latte

Those who read most of my past postings should already know I'm a coffee freak. I was firstly thinking of writing mainly on Japanese coffee, but as Japan is not known for coffee, such articles wouldn't interest you at the end of the day. But please allow me to write more on coffee, or coffee shops.
I often come to this coffee shop called "Doutor", and I showed another Doutor that was in Akihabara. You can have the least expensive coffee for about a little more than 2 dollars, and even if you're a smoker, this Doutor offers you a smoking section. And when I came here on Saturday, it had this "Orzo latte" in the menu, and I had it for the first time. This latte is made from barley, and "Orzo" means barley in Italian. Doutor started to sell it in June.

So basically it's not coffee, but though it didn't have any caffeine, it tasted like coffee. There are countless Doutor's in Japan, and since it offers unique coffees from time to time, I want you to try those coffees, or coffee-like drinks. Whenever I come to this Doutor in a neighboring city, I'm given two coupons you see on the left with which you can get a 30 yen discount per drink. And the right sheets are scratch-offs that give you chances to win a coffee, hot dog, and what not. 

This posting is on a coffee shop, my favorite, but I basically think my blog shouldn't be about myself, and I want every posting to be about Japan in general.