Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bikkuri Donkey

Let me introduce a hamburg steak restaurant "Bikkuri Donkey". The meaning of the "Bikkuri" is "amazing". This restaurant offers so many kinds of hamburg steak, and as the outside look of this restaurant shows, it has some entertainment elements to amuse customers. 

It came from the northernmost island Hokkaido, and as I was born in Hokkaido I've rooted for this restaurant. But due to this prolonging recession, one of the two Bikkuri Donkey's in my city went out of business last year. Most of the Japanese people are still spending less on dining out.

As you can see this lamp differs from those of ordinary restaurants like Denny's. Kids would enjoy having meals here, but as far as I saw the customers' average age should be from teens to 20s. When I first visited a Bikkuri Donkey in Chiba prefecture, I was amazed at its novelty.

The menu is opened like this. There are many kinds of hamburger steak dish in the center, and side dishes on the left, and soft drinks are on the right. When the waitress finish taking orders, she folds this menu and takes it away.

I ordered an "Egg curry burg dish". It is hard to recognize, but the egg is sitting on a hamburger steak. There are 14 dish-type hamburger steaks and everything included in those dish-type sets is put on the same wooden tray.

And I had this "Cafe on the rock" It was made from arabica beans and they were roasted at this company's own factories. I want to praise this coffee, but quite honestly its taste is so bitter. Some wouldn't be able to have this without some milk. But whenever I come to this restaurant I order an iced coffee. 

There is a coffee called "Milk Aisu Cafe" in the menu, and Aisu is written in kanji that means "love". And you know the pronunciation of the "Aisu" is close to "ice". It seems some people came up with unique names for its menu to make customers entertained.