Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I like to show another Kaitenzushi which is now in good business. Kaitenzushi is where all sushi are rotating on the conveyor. This Kaitenzushi restaurant is called "Kurazushi", and preferred by families and kids.

Basically the price of every sushi at Kaitenzushi should be about 100 yen or less. There are more expensive Kaitenzushi's too, but there you often have to pay as much as you do at a regular sushi bar. 

Firstly I took three sushi. Clockwise from below: tuna, salmon, and shrimp. Those three are standard sushi and liked by many Japanese people. But basically a very good tuna sushi should have a less rosy color.

And this is a grilled pork sushi seasoned with mayonnaise. I've heard Japanese mayonnaise is bought by relatively a large number of people in the USA. I think we Japanese use it very often, and some people put some mayonnaise in rice and curry, which I don't do.

And a touch panel screen is now a must at any cheap Kaitenzushi. You know, you can easily cut the personnel cost with this computer. You're supposed to press one of those numbers to decide how many sushi you have per order.

And the screen sometimes allows you to win a prize. If you're lucky enough, you can have one of the balls in the box you see in the pic. When I took a closer look, one of the balls had a cell-phone charm.

What is different about this Kaitenzushi is that every table counts the number of sushi you had by taking in your saucers. As a result, the waitress doesn't have to count your saucers to settle the bill.

Before I left, I had this miso soup. Some people have this in the middle of the meal, but as sushi leaves fishy taste in my mouth, I usually have it at the end. 

There is now a word "Setsuyaku zukare", which means "being sick of saving". And according to an article I read, that state of mind prompts you to buy something expensive from time to time. I agree that people can't stay stingy forever, but still they'd come to this kind of Kaitenzushi when the tastes of each sushi are agreeable.