Saturday, September 11, 2010


I went to a store called "Loft" that sells numerous things including newly invented stuff. Though I often spend much time on typing words on my computer, I sometimes need something to write with. So I once in a while come to this Loft to find better pens and mechanical pencils.

This pen called "kurutoga" looks like an ordinary mechanical pencil, but what is different about this pencil is that its pen point always stays sharpened.

Here's why the pen point is always sharpened. The point keeps spinning while you keep writing, and while it's spinning, the surface of the pen that touches paper gets averaged. But the pen point spins only when you press the pen onto paper.

Ordinary mechanical pencils would give you a broader surface as you write (see the left pic), but this pen "kurutoga"'s surface is about a half of those of ordinary mechanical pencils, which results in enabling you to write sharper letters.

Is this pen available in your country too? I'm currently enjoying writing with this pen and what's more, it cost me less than 500 yen. =)