Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kairakuen -2-

-continued from Kairakuen -1-

This is the South Gate that leads to the traditional house called "Koubuntei".

I had to pay about 190 yen as the admission fee. But looking back, I think it was very cheap 'cause the interior of this house was worth looking at.

This Koubuntei has several rooms, and the local lord Nariaki Tokugawa used those rooms to invite poets and calligraphers to hold events. This is "Room of Bamboo".

And this is called "Room of Maple-Tree" I liked this dimly lit room. I think every Japanese-styled room is based on the theme of "tranquility".

While I was walking from room to room, I saw this garden. It seemed to me nice as parts of this garden was under the shadows.

There was this tiny yard that should have been taken care of so often. That object made of stone is called "Tourou". Usually "Tourou" has a candle inside, and it was once used as a road sign.

This house has a upper floor where I could command broader views. The stairs were so steep that I had to hold onto the rails.

When I left home it was very cloudy and I was concerned if I could take good pics. But as you can see, it was bright enough to look over.

I was about to leave this house, and I saw a prototype of the current elevators. This was used to lift meals to the upper floor. It should have been a novelty back in the 19the century of Japan. 

-to be continued-