Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ShunPuu (A Ramen shop)

I went to Akihabara again on Sunday in order to have a Ramen that I had never tasted. When it comes to Ramen available in Akihabara, all I had to do was look at many blogs to pick up a good Ramen shop. And as I'm now so familiar with the streets of Akihabara, I could choose a nice shop near the station with ease.

According to a blog that I saw, this shop is renowned for the broth that is made from fish. I'm now very interested in trying various kinds of Ramen, and I think I eat Ramen both for the sake of this blog and myself of course.

This shop seemed to have been featured by many magazines. The one on the upper left of the wall is a magazine called "Tokyo Walker", and it is informative even for those who are familiar with Tokyo. The cover girl was "Aya Ueto", who was the heroine of the film "Azumi". She was born in '85. 

One thing you should be aware of when you have Ramen in Tokyo is that sometimes you can see the pictures of the Ramen only on the menu at the entrance of the shop. I chose the one on the upper left called "Koku Uma Shouyu". You know, the meaning of Shouyu is soy sauce.

I had to admit the noodles were thicker than I had expected. But the broth had a mild soy sauce taste and the fishy taste went well with the slices of pork, or Chaashuu. But I think foreign people wouldn't be so accustomed to the taste of fish as us, so they mightn't like this Ramen. 

I've heard Ramen is available also in big cities like New York, so I'd like to try the Ramen in NYC to see the difference. I just guess the taste of American Ramen is altered a bit so that it would be  agreeable to Americans. But this is only my guesswork.