Thursday, September 9, 2010

Naritasan -3-

-continued from the post "Naritasan -2-"-
I spent about one and half an hour at this temple. And I guess if you really want to see everything at this temple, you'd need more than 2 hours. This is one of the pics that I took on my way back. The left pond is where the tortoises were resting.

I think this is another Komainu that protects this temple. Foreign people would like this one since it had more colors than ordinary Komainu.

After walking about on the premises of the temple, I walked down the street in front of the temple to see what the local shops were selling.

My friend had informed me that this Naritasan was well-known for "Unagi" or eel. We often have it in the summer to make ourselves energized. But look at this price....2000 yen?? I wouldn't pay that much for lunch usually.

And it was around 11am when I finished seeing the temple, so I decided to just take a rest at this restaurant "Daikokuya".

This looked like a typical Japanese restaurant in rural areas. Such a restaurant usually has "Zashiki" where you should sit with your legs folded. I chose a table seat as I didn't want to take off my shoes.

Time to have the black thingy. According to what I learned on the net, coffee helps us burn some fat in our bodies. I've been on a diet as I told you before.
Did Naritasan make you interested? When it comes to Japanese things, I can see those only from a viewpoint of a Japanese.