Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tennis in the night

I've avoided topics about my personal life or hobbies, but today let me show you what I do on a weekly basis. It's tennis. I've played tennis since I was 12 or so, and I often check news on Wimbledon or US Open to see who are winning. But I think the most popular sport in Japan is definitely baseball, followed by golf or soccer.

I wish I could play tennis during the day, but I'm usually free in the night. I had to pay about 8 dollars for the lighting. And the tennis court for 2 hours cost me another 8 dollars.

The racket you see is one made by Babolat. It was once used by many famous players, and it's still popular among many Japanese people. You just have to be careful about hitting the ball in the very center of the surface. 

But those who don't know much about tennis wouldn't be interested in such a topic. I took some pics of insects that were active in the night of fall. This is of course a mantis, and it is called "Harabiro Kamakiri". It is a bit fierce so you're not supposed to touch it.

And this is a kind of grasshopper called "Shouryou Batta". I used to catch a lot of it to feed mantises when I was a child.

And this is "Aomatumushi", or green tree cricket. I'm a bit of afraid of touching insects that are soft. 

And you can still see cicadas in September. This is the one I introduced last summer called "Abura Zemi" or large brown cicada. This is the most commonly seen cicada in Japan.

I personally wish Japan had less insects in the summer and fall. When some come into my room, I can't sleep well.....