Monday, August 1, 2011

Tsujiri (都路里)

I'm Japanese and both of my parents are Japanese of course. I really like foreign countries and visited some in the past, and I appreciated good sides of those countries. But as I'm Japanese I tend to think no country is better than Japan.

My friend likes Japanese sweets, and in order to have a good one we came to Tokyo station. It is vast like Shinjuku station, so if you have something to do here you should know beforehand where exactly your destination is. 

The shop is called "Tsujiri" or 都路里. It was on the 10the floor of the Daimaru Building. Kyoto is known for its Japanese beauty, and this shop originated from the city.  

As it's on the 10the floor, you can command a good view from your seat. It was forecast it was going to be rainy on the whole day, but it turned out to be sunny in the afternoon.  

 There was this tiny Japanese garden in the corner. You'd see how high the floor is. 

And the one I ordered was "Shiratama Anmitsu". Shiratama is the white balls in the bowl, and they're made from rice powder. There were green ones too, and they had the taste of green tea. And the brown stuff on the surface was Azuki, which is beans sweetened with sugar. 

In my opinion, Japanese sweets are as delicious as cakes. There were many other choices as well, and you can click this link to see them.