Saturday, August 20, 2011


Let me introduce a bagel shop today. There aren't many bagel shops in my neighborhood, and this is the only one in a nearby city. In my opinion, its elastic dough lets you feel the unique texture, and I kinda like it. But people seem to prefer bread over bagel.

This bagel shop is in the corner of an outlet mall. The mall was advertising that almost all of the shops were giving much discount. For instance, an Adidas shop was handing out a 40% discount ticket to customers.  

So I was thinking this bagel shop would be crowded, but as you can see the seats were scarcely occupied. 

But the scarce people had nothing to with the tastes. This set I ordered was "Yankees Burger", and it came with tomato soup, salad, and coffee. As it had a patty sandwiched, it tasted much like a hamburger and was really good. The white cube is cheese cake. 

I don't remember if this bagel had a distinctive name, but it had cheese and salmon sandwiched. I believe sets like the Yankees Burger alone wouldn't make you feel full. 

Here's a link to the official website of BAGEL&BAGEL. Even though you don't understand Japanese, some words on the site are subbed in English.