Monday, August 8, 2011

Tokyo is still enjoyable! -4-

My friend was studying Chinese on TV, when he saw an ad of the Chinese movie "Ocean Heaven". But the nearest movie theater where it could be seen was in Ginza, Tokyo. So, we came to Tokyo again on Sunday.

Ginza is renowned as the place where the land price is the highest in Japan. There was a Doutor in this area too, but as you can see the outside look was as chic as this. And an iced coffee cost as much as 4.8 dollars. Usually it's 2.5 dollars in the other areas. 

You can see very popular movies like Harry Potter series everywhere in Japan, but very minor movies are available in very populated areas like Tokyo. This movie theater's name was "Cine Switch". You can come here from Akihabara by taking advantage of the Hibiya Line.  

 The Japanese title of the movie we saw was "海洋天堂", but it was translated as "Ocean Heaven". It was about a father and his autistic son, and because it was so emotionally gripping that some audience was weeping endlessly. It was more than worth the price. 

And after seeing the movie we came to Akihabara. I was looking for a shop where they sell the OS "Windows 7" cheaply and we dropped by a Sofmap. This was an ad of "Toaru Kagaku no Railgun" dvds. You can see the word "ソフマップ" or Sofmap on her right chest.  The 7th floor of the Sofmap sells Otaku goods mainly. 

 And I saw these Gundam figurines today on the same aisle where I saw this the other day. I was a bit surprised when I heard Gundam was popular among many Chinese too. 

 This is the Ramen shop where we had lunch. Its name was "九州じゃんがら" or Kyushu Jangara. You can see the location of Kyushu by clicking this

Does it look yummy? I always wonder how many of you could imagine the taste. Hope you can visit Japan someday. 

 It was about 33 degrees Celsius (92 F), so we had coffee after walking around in Akihabara. This cafe is an "Excelsior Cafe", and it's the more expensive version of Doutor. 

I'm glad the summer regained the heat it's supposed to have. It's going to be as hot as today next whole week.