Saturday, August 27, 2011

Onomichi Ramen

I've introduced Ramen shops in Akihabara, and it was because I often went to the area. But you know, when you keep going to the same area for more than one year, you wouldn't easily find really good restaurants that you haven't tried yet.

 So I came to Suidoubashi, which is two stations away from Akihabara. This is the platform and the right ad is about the electronic money "Suica" that you can use on your smartphone. We call smartphones "Sumaho".

 This is the Suidoubashi area. The economics faculty of Nihon University is in this area. It is one of the well-known universities in Japan.

 And this is the Ramen shop where I had lunch today. Its name was "Onomichi Ramen". Onomichi is a port town in Hiroshima that is facing the Seto Inland Sea.

 These were the covers of the magazines that introduced this Ramen shop. It is very rare that one Ramen shop was featured in so many magazines.

The name of this Ramen was "Tamashii no Ramen". It would be translated like "The Ramen with a soul". The broth was based on soy sauce, and it also tasted a bit like fish oil. It came with a bowl of rice. We call this kind of rice "Han-rice", or half-rice. As you can see the amount of the rice was small compared to the Ramen. 

It was the best Ramen I had this year. The former pro boxer "Hatakeyama" also visited this Ramen shop, which is also a rarity.