Monday, August 15, 2011

Tokyo during Obon

 I said in the previous post that people go back to their hometowns during Obon (the period around the middle of August), but it was reported on TV most people were going to a nearby place to enjoy themselves this year. Tokyo was crowded, but I think it was because those living in the Kanto Region chose to stay in or come to Tokyo during the Obon.

 My friend wanted to buy an ipod in Akihabara. As I'm a music freak, I want one too, but usually I don't take a train, and instead play CDs in the car. So I doubt I'd use it frequently.

 Can you see the girl dressed in the unique costume? This street is where maids are soliciting people to come to their cafes. You'd be spoken to by them several times if you walk down this street on the weekend.

 I came to Ochanomizu from Akihabara to have something cold. This cafe "Delifrance" is basically a bakery, but you can have a soft drink only. I didn't see any "French" things except for cafe au lait in there. 

 Some of my CDs are burned ones, so I sometimes buy real copies in Ochanomizu. It is a place where there are many instruments shops. And the CD shop I visited was giving a 100-yen-discount to people who brought the guitar.
Btw, these were mango smoothie.

There is a Japanese girls' group "Happiness" and this truck was advertising their 3rd single "Wish", which is going to be released on the 17th. Here's a short version of the song.