Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TomTom (Coffee shop)

I don't know when I'll get tired of coffee, but I'm still a great fan of coffee. I've introduced coffee chains like Doutor, Veloce and etc so far, but the one I visited last weekend was a local one that is called "TomTom".

 Can you read Hiragana? It reads, "TomTom". We sometimes repeat the same word twice like "dandan", which means "gradually".

 I really like this outside look. This isn't really "Japanese", but coffee shops like Karakuan, which I introduced in this post, aren't seen so often.

 I don't know what you'd call this style of the interior, but we call this "log house-styled". I could relax to my heart's content in the afternoon. And what's more an English newspaper called "The Daily Yomiuri" was available. You can read the newspaper online by clicking this link.

 My friend ordered coffee called "soft blend". I took a sip and it had a good aroma that went well with milk. 

And as usual I had an iced coffee, but I wouldn't have to show it to you, as it looked like an ordinary one. What you're looking at is a side dish "Kani-tamago sandwiches". "Kani" and "tamago" each means "crab" and "egg" . Those did have pieces of crab.

I'd like to ask you if our country seems like one that has too many western-styled things. But Japan is a developed country to say the very least. Just our country has been recently replaced by China as the second biggest economy.