Monday, November 1, 2010

Inaka no Nichiyoubi (Organic restaurant)

There are two restaurants in my city where they serve "organic" dishes. You know, there are so many foods out there that have chemical substances and additives, so Japanese people are starting to appreciate foods free of those potentially toxic stuff.

 This organic restaurant called "Inaka no Nichiyoubi" opened several years ago, and it has been doing good business until now. The meaning of this restaurant's name is "A Sunday in the countryside".
 I came here for the first time, but I was already familiar with this style of offering foods. I don't know why, but organic restaurants serve food in the buffet style. The fries you see nearside are Japanese tiger prawn. You can see a pic of the prawn by clicking this.

 I was looking for meat but all I could get was made of vegetables, eggs, and grains. I didn't think I was supposed to eat something greasy at a shop like this. 

As you can see, this is rice and curry. Or are you familiar with its Japanese name, "curry rice"? This curry didn't have any meat, and was full of vegetables like onion. And this grain replaced ordinary white rice. 

Had this as a dessert. The white balls (Dango) you see are something like rice cake, but they are not so elastic as rice cake. These balls are similar to the ones in this pic that I uploaded before. The brown stuff that is sitting on the balls is red bean paste.

It has been rainy over the past several days and the low was about 10 degrees in my area. It is considered very cold for this period of the year.