Monday, November 15, 2010

Trip to Nikkou -1-

I went to an area in Tochigi prefecture called "Nikkou", where there were renowned temples, a lake and fall. I'd like to show them bit by bit, but today let me show you a Japanese garden that was designated as a World heritage.

 I had to drive more than 3 hours to come to this area Nikkou.

 This is the garden I mentioned, and according to the staff, we could see trees having yellowest and reddest leaves for this year. I have to say I was so lucky.

  The name of this garden is "Shouyou en", and it was made in the Edo period(1603-1868). The period was when Tokugawa families ruled the nation as warlords.

 It is said you can take a great pic from any angle.

 As a Japanese I thought this was really beautiful, but foreign people would have thought the same way, as I saw lots of foreigners taking pics with their friends.

While I was absorbed in taking pics, I was asked by an old couple to take a pic of them. There were many impressive spots in this Nikkou area, but I have to admit this garden was the best of all I saw. 

If you come to Tokyo, you can reach Utsunomiya station by taking advantage of a bullet train called "Yamabiko", and from there you should use the Nikkou line to come to this garden. Here's a link to a pic and the details of the bullet train.