Thursday, November 11, 2010

At the top of Mt. Tsukuba

I showed you a hot spring at Mt. Tsukuba, and after that I climbed to the top of the mountain by ropeway gondola as it was so clear that I thought I could see beyond my city. 

 This was one of the two stations where the gondolas departed. I had to drive for dozen minutes to come here, and it was a bit cooler there than where the hotel was. 

 Before I got in I took this pic. You can see the name of my city "Tsukuba" on its side. Our city was named after this mountain, and people come to this mountain to visit the shrine during New Years that I showed you in this posting.

 I was looking down all the time while I was on this gondola. Somehow I saw lots of old people, but it would be hard for such people to climb to the top of the mountain on foot after they get out of this.
 There was this stone at the top that was inscribed with the directions and what you can see beyond from the peak. According to this stone, we'd be able to see Mt. Fuji to the southwest on a sunny day without fog. 

I took this pic while I was looking to south. This is the highest spot people could climb up to, and I wanted to show you the center of my city that could have been seen beyond if there hadn't been fog, but unfortunately....sorry. 

It was a bit early to see autumn leaves, but I think one or two weeks from now most of the trees at this mountain would be yellow or red enough to entertain your eyes.