Sunday, October 17, 2010

Walk in Akihabara -12-

I've been a bit busy due to some things that should definitely be done last week. But I was finally liberated on Saturday and came to this geeky area "Akihabara".

I always take pics of this street of Akihabara. You'd never enjoy here without walking down this street. The pedestrian paradise wasn't reinstated yet.

This side of the Akihabara station was under construction for a long time, but it finally had this renewed look.

Got inside of the station and saw this digital panel ad. This is an anime that started to be broadcast this month. If I were to translate the title, it would be "My sis couldn't be this pretty" or something. I don't like weird anime, but I'm totally against people who discriminate against every anime.

"Baka to Test" coasters. I think it's not so widely recognized by people around the world. I personally think it's for those who go to school as they'd easily relate to the story. 

An ad of one of the past prime ministers called "Taro Aso". He was a strong advocate of manga, and was popular among people of Akihabara. But the political party he belongs to was ousted by the current ruling party DPJ.

The cheapest coffee was 20 yen cheaper than the Veloce in my city. Every shop has to strive hard to cut the prices in Tokyo, as there are so many places where people could have food cheaply.

I don't remember correctly, but this should have been a "cafe au lait". I think there were both this and "cafe latte". Not too sure about the difference between the two.
I was wearing a T-shirt only on this day. It is warm throughout the year in Japan except for January and February. This is why Japan's climate is called "extratropical".