Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shinkiba Studio Coast

I went to "Shinkiba Studio Coast" to see a Korn concert. It is one of the clubs with live music in Tokyo, but since it is located at a place where there are so many warehouses, there aren't many things you can do here except for waiting for the show to begin. "Kiba" literally means "a wood place", and trucks that came here all the way unload the lumbers they've carried.

There were some ads of Japanese musical groups, and I just recognized the one on the right. The group "EXILE" is now the most popular dance group in Japan.

People were waiting until they were allowed to get inside. The lines on the right were people who were going to buy Korn T-shirts and other stuff that had the logos of Korn. We call such stuff "merchandise". And this is the same place where I saw "Slipknot" two years ago.
Upon seeing this you must have noticed the show took place last Friday night. Sorry, my photos are not always new, as I do all pic-taking during the weekend and upload them weekdays. 

I often upload pics related to anime, but it's just because it shows one side of Japan. But basically I'm a great fan of music, and heavy metal is the genre that I like so much.