Saturday, October 2, 2010

Andersen (A Bakery)

I've often said the bakeries in my city are doing good business, so you might be curious what a "Japanese" bakery would look like. Of course, we have rice as a staple diet, but over a half of our population has bread for breakfast.

This is a bakery called "Andersen", and it is headquartered in Hiroshima prefecture. This Andersen has been in business since 1982, and the name of the bakery was derived from Hans Christian Andersen from Denmark, who was an author of children's books like "The Ugly Duckling".

The founder of this bakery was impressed with Danish pastries when he was in Denmark, so this Andersen sells mainly sweet bread. It has 74 outlets in Japan, and is recognized by Japanese people as one of the very renowned bakeries.

 But this bakery also sells bread like this picture. The left ones are sandwiches that had fried sliced pork in between. Such pork is called "Katsu" in Japanese, and it is basically the same as Tonkatsu that I showed with this picture.

On sunny days you can enjoy having lunch at these tables. This bakery is in front of Doho park, which I introduced in this post, and people take a rest here after walking about in or swimming at the park.

As I played tennis today and was hungry, I had the bread you see in the pic. It was called "Denmark Sausage Roll", and the saltiness of the sausage went well with the iced coffee without sugar nor milk. I've always enjoyed having coffee at this bakery, and the good coffee should be one of the reasons why this bakery has been frequented by foreign people as well. 

I felt hungry again while writing this article....>.<