Monday, May 2, 2011

Miya (A Steak House)

Let me show you a steak house that is very popular in my area. Its name is "Miya", and it has three outlets in my neighborhood. When I was a child, steak was considered one of the most expensive dishes, and my family used to dine here on a special occasion.

 We're now in the middle of what we call "Golden week" when we have a long vacation, and those who decided to rest on May 2, and 6 will have 10 consecutive holidays. I played tennis on the weekend and after that I had steak for dinner.

 5 years ago or earlier, the interior was like that of a family restaurant like COCO's, but as you can see the seat was dimly lit. We could relax comfortably and what's more the waitresses were very polite and professional.

 If you order a piece of steak as a set, you can have salad, soup and soft drinks as well. The soup had tomato as the main ingredient.

I think America is the best country where you can have very good steak because I had a good one when I was in San Francisco. But I suppose the steak of Miya would be liked by Americans too. The steak had a good amount of fat and the texture was very soft. The sauce had vinegar and ground onion. It is called "Miya-dare". "Dare" or "tare" means "sauce". And the small round plate is where you can reheat your steak. 

When I turn on TV, I still see news on the earthquake and its aftermath, but I'm honestly beginning to forget its seriousness. Whether it's right or wrong, people should move on.