Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tokyo is still enjoyable! -2-

As I was on vacation during this "Golden Week", I decided to go to Tokyo to have some fun. It was reported the number of people who go overseas is smaller than the last year because of the psychological effect of the earthquake, so people went on a domestic trip, which should be the reason why I saw many people in Tokyo.

As usual, I had searched for a good Ramen shop in Akihabara, and a blog said this "Fukunokami" Ramen shop was really good. The meaning of Fukunokami would be "God of Fortune".

 Every time I try a new Ramen I encounter a good one. The soup as you can see was very light, but the sliced pork (called "Chaashuu") had a thick soy sauce taste. I could have had a few more slices.

A friend of mine suggested I go to "Tokyo Midtown" to see what it was like. It's a huge complex where very expensive restaurants and clothes shops are housed. This pic was taken from the outside. One feature of this complex is it is in harmony with greenery.

 A pic taken from the first floor. The trees in the center are bamboos. It wasn't crowded at all.

 A musical event was being held in the garden of Tokyo Midtown. A staffer told me to refrain from taking any pics of the musicians, so I took those food stalls. Anyone who can understand the German on the right stall? 

And this Japanese garden was another property of this complex. The friend told me it would seem surreal to sit in a garden like this in the middle of Tokyo, but I wasn't impressed at all, as I like the streets of Akihabara where unique and inexpensive shops concentrate in one area. 

I went to Shinjuku as well, and saw this truck whose container was painted with this Korean magazine ad. Recently Korean entertainment like "Shoujo Jidai" has been featured in Japanese music programs. 

Did those pic make you interested in Tokyo or Japan? I hope you make a trip to my country once this unusual circumstance is rectified.