Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cafe MOCO in Akihabara

One of the reasons why I go to Akihabara is having Ramen, but the Ramen shop I was going to visit yesterday was so crowded that my friend and I had lunch at a cafe that is pretty well-known among people who like Akihabara.

 Let me show you one of the TX gates. TX is a line that connects Ibaraki with Akihabara. And on this day I recognized it was decorated in a pretty way. Do you like it?

 And this is the entrance of Cafe MOCO. I came to this cafe years ago, but then I had coffee only, and sandwiches weren't served here.

 One thing I like about this Cafe is it is frequented by guys. I'm straight, but when a cafe is full of girls, I feel uneasy.

 And this was the hot dog I ordered. It was baked with cheese and some tomato. The yellow pieces on the hot dog are potato chips. 

And while I was walking down the street of Akihabara, I saw this really weird thing. The mannequin was wearing the same uniform as Evangelion, and the head was covered with a Pikachu. It was advertising a figurine shop. Again I ask, DO YOU LIKE IT?