Friday, April 22, 2011

Kisoji (Shabu Shabu restaurant)

There are several very expensive dishes in Japan like Sushi, Tempura, but today let me introduce a kind of steak called "Shabu Shabu". You can have it at home too, but if you want to have a genuine one, I recommend you go to a restaurant.

This restaurant called "Kisoji" is where you can have authentic Shabu Shabu. You should pay at least 32 dollars per person.

What was good about this restaurant was I could see this very good Japanese garden while I was waiting. Luckily I didn't feel any tremors while I was here.

The main dish was of course Shabu Shabu, but as a side dish they served "Sashimi", which is slices of raw fish and shell. You can see tuna, squid, and scallop.

Another side dish was Tempura. The biggest one on the dish was a deep-fried prawn.

And these slices were the beef for Shabu Shabu. They had more fat than ordinary beef. This alone cost as much as 50 dollars.

Before you have a slice, you should stir it in hot water and then into this sauce which had a miso taste and ground sesame. The process where you stir beef in hot water is said to have the sound "Shabu Shabu".

And this is the pan with which you boil water. We put some kids of vegetables before putting in the beef. The pan is called "Nabe" in Japanese.

And as a dessert I had "Kuzu-mochi", which was made from arrowroot. It was very soft like rice cake. The black stuff you see nearside was syrup made from black sugar.

I seldom have dinner at a posh restaurant, but my brother got promoted, so we came here to celebrate. =)