Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tokyo is still enjoyable!

I do understand foreign people don't want to visit Japan now, but we have fewer earthquakes than March, and radiation levels are dropping nationwide. It is still risky to visit northeastern Japan now, but at least you can enjoy shopping in Tokyo, where you wouldn't have strong tremors. 

 I was relieved to see more people walking in Akihabara than in March. The high was about 24 degrees, so I just had to have a T-shirt on. 

 I've been trying as many Ramen shops in Akihabara as I can since the last year. This shop was called "Daruma no Me", which I found on the Internet.

 This is a kind of Ramen that is called "Tonkotsu", whose broth is made from pork bones. The taste was really thick with a touch of saltiness.

 After I spent a few hours in Akihabara, I came to Shinjuku, where my favorite CD shop called "Diskunion" is. It is where they sell heavy metal cds. You can come here from the South gate of the Shinjuku station. A politician was going to give speech here who seemed to be opposed to the current ruling party DPJ.

 And this CD is what I got at the Diskunion. I'm a huge fan of Megadeth. 

 When I was on my way back home, I saw these Mexican guys playing Mexican music. What made me happy was the fact there were still some foreign people staying in Japan amidst this disaster. 

I was so tired after walking around, but my friend and I could take seats in the TX train. 

I always refer to foreign people in this blog, but it's because I'm so interested in people from overseas. I would really feel empty without seeing them in Tokyo, but fortunately I saw at least a dozen of them today. Please visit Japan!