Friday, April 8, 2011


Since the earthquake struck Japan on March 11, I've been watching news on TV to check the latest developments. And as far as I saw, people in Tokyo didn't seem to care so much as we do about earthquakes. The worst-hit three prefectures are in northeastern Japan, and people in Tokyo would feel less strong tremors.

But I think that's a good thing 'cause if people in Tokyo refrain from doing business, that would harm our economy. I've seen a Youtube video where a Japanese liquor (sake) brewer from Iwate was advertising his "sake" so that people less affected would enjoy drinking it under cherry trees.

I was a bit unwilling to come to Tokyo to have Ramen as TX line might stop if a strong aftershock strikes. This Ramen shop is called "Genzui", which I found on the Internet.

It was about 12:00am, so we were the only customers.

Do you remember I introduced a kind of Ramen called "Tsukemen"? You should dip the noodles in the red soup before you have it. It was mildly spicy. 

I've seen the devastation on TV so many times, so I'd like to show you bright sides of current Japan. But while I was walking in Akihabara, I seldom saw foreign people...>.<