Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Subuta (酢豚)

Japanese people are still concerned about aftershocks and radiation from the damaged reactors. But if you stay in Japan and walk down the streets of Japan, you'd notice people don't seem to be obsessed with the disaster all the time. Foreign people have left Japan for their safety, but I want them to come back when this situation is rectified.

I live in Kanto region, but I'm one of those people who want to dine out for a change of scenery. My favorite is hamburgers and Ramen, but I patronize Chinese dishes as well. The name of this restaurant derived from Beijing, but we call Beijing "Peking" in Japanese. 

I don't know if this drawing is an authentic Chinese one, but in my opinion it resembled one of the Japanese drawing styles called "Suibokuga".  

And this is the "Subuta". It includes vegetables such as onion, mushrooms, carrot that were stir-flied, and deep-fried pork. It is basically sour and tastes like ketchup. I have some friends who don't like this at all.

 I think those working in the tourism industry of Japan are hit hard by lack of foreign tourists. But now is the time to persevere and by the time Tokyo Sky Tree is completed we should be ready to welcome them back.