Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Earthquake -2-

I wanted to take pics of my neighborhood to show the damage done to my area, but what I could see was trivial like collapsed gates of a house. And taking pics of it would get on the house owner's nerves.

I said Tsukuba city didn't suffer much damage, but people in my area are experiencing difficulties. Now running water and electricity are available at home, but it is extremely difficult to get gasoline. So many cars are lining up before gas stations early in the morning, and some people were seen fighting for gasoline.

And supermarkets in my area were filled with people scrambling for food, and staples like rice, bread were snatched away instantly.

What worries me very much now is the radiation leak from the reactors in Fukushma prefecture (my prefecture is next to it.) I don't want to stress the leak too much, as those living in Fukushima should be worrying much more than I am...

I felt a very strong tremor today whose epicenter was observed off the coast of Chiba prefecture, which pushed down the Nikkei avarage in the afternoon, and I keep losing weight probably because my body has been on high alert since Friday.

Sadly the death toll doesn't stop climbing and it is more than 3,000....I really don't know when this nightmare starts to end.