Saturday, January 22, 2011

Walk in Akihabara -14-

Now everybody who sees this blog would admit I'm geeky. Sure, I watch anime more often than ordinary people, but the reason why I come to Akihabara is this area is now as hot as Shibuya where cool young people hang out.

Do you know an incident that took place in Akihabara in 2008 where a young man stabbed people with a knife? Since then police has banned the pedestrian paradise, but it's going to be reinstated tomorrow. I wanted to come here tomorrow, but I have another plan for Sunday. 

Is your computer very new enough to have Windows 7? The right computer's price is only 29,800 yen, but it has Windows XP as OS, and its RAM is only 1G. I don't consider it inexpensive. 

K-On! and Miku Hatsune cups. The black Japanese on the price tag says, "A kiss for that girl you love!". The things you can see on the right are stuffed cats. I have a stuffed Pikachu, but don't feel like having another one.   

 Do you know an anime "Hetalia"? I've wanted to see it but not so far. 
These are canned green tea.

Some of you might know Comiket 79 was held at the end of 2010. You can buy some of the "doujinshi" of Comiket 79 at this bookstore "Tachibana Shoten". 

I'm used to seeing this kind of anime ad, but I wonder how this would look in the eyes of ordinary people. The white Japanese reads, "I might be happy if you enjoy both the anime and the video game!".

And I had coffee as usual at this Doutor in Akihabara. This was the first time I came to this Doutor, but some women were smoking on end...

Those who are particular about audio systems should know this electronic appliance store "Oyaide Denki". It sells countless kinds of cable for audio systems and stuff.

While I was on my way back on TX train, I took this photo. The tower you can see is called "Tokyo Sky Tree", and it is now under construction and the second highest 559m in the world among towers that send radiowave.

I often think myself to be lucky 'cause it takes only an hour to reach Akihabara. Those who live in the countryside of Japan would have to take a bullet train to come here in hours.