Monday, January 31, 2011

KW Coffee

As some of you might know, the prices of coffee beans have been on the rise. It was reported the rise of the prices was partly due to the fact that people in Brazil have started to have good coffee and that that added demand was making coffee beans more precious. You'd think it's ironical because the country has been known for quality coffee.

 But most of the coffee chains in Japan are yet to hike the prices of their coffee. For example, the cheapest coffee Doutor serves is 200 yen, but it stays the same now, and besides that they're giving people coupons that give them a 20 yen discount. Btw, a more expensive coffee chain of Doutor called "Excelsior" in the mall in my neighborhood went out of business, and now this "KW Coffee" fills in the place. 

I guess the "KW" is short for this "Kita No Watayuki". The meaning of the Japanese would be,"Cotton-like snow in the north".  

This would be the same as in other countries, but our coffee tables are very small and sometimes rickety. You would have to be careful so that your coffee doesn't spill.  

The taste of this coffee was okay. I had to wonder if the owner of this coffee shop had had a carefully planned strategy to run the shop in this recession. An okay coffee could be easily forgotten by people. 

I'm now having a bit of hay fever. The amount of Japanese ceder pollen will be 3 or 5 times that of the last year, so I have to take some kind of effective medication to counter it.