Monday, January 10, 2011

Akihabara and a shrine

I came to Akihabara about once a month last year, but I've come to this place already twice this year. I don't think you'd enjoy yourself so much if you visit here so often, but I had planned to come to Akihabara to pray for good luck for this year.
 Today, January 10th is "Coming-of-Age day". And people who are 20 are supposed to attend a ceremony at their own city hall. But yesterday I already saw some young women who were wearing Furisode, which they put on on special days.

 I like to introduce some Moe stuff that I don't see usually. These are alkaline batteries with Moe pictures.

 And saw two characters from the anime K-On!! on display. You can see this if you walk down the street of Akihabara called "Chuuou Doori". 

 But the main purpose of this trip was to come to this shrine, "Kanda-Myoujin". As I introduced before, people who work for companies are also likely to come here as this shrine is said to bring lots of fortune. 

 This is one of the places where you can draw a secret lot called "Omikuji". 

 Look at the red boxes on this table. Those who were born in 1987, 1970, and 1951 are going to have very bad luck this year. So they need to come here to have their evil vibes removed. Showa 62 corresponds to 1987. You just have to add 25 to a Showa year. 

 My friend had planned to have sweet sake called "Amazake" at this shrine.

One cup of Amazake cost as much as 350 yen. Amazake is considered "sake", but it barely has alcohol, so you can drive back to your home after having this. 

Hope this new year brings you a lot of fortune. I want to make this year fruitful one too. =)