Friday, January 14, 2011

Marukame Seimen

 As you know, the recession in Japan isn't over yet. Some developing countries started to recover a long time ago, but so many college students who are going to graduate this year haven't been able to get jobs. And people are still pinching pennies, and they prefer cheap restaurants over expensive ones. 

 But I think some cheap restaurants serve very good dishes. I hadn't come to this Udon shop called "Marukame Seimen", but I had heard it had a good reputation.

 Do they look yummy in your eyes? As you noticed, all the menu are priced under 500 yen. We have a 500-yen-coin, and dishes cheaper than 500 yen are called "One-coin-meals".

 Firstly you have to decide whether you have noodles or rice, and after that you can pick some of these fries. I recommend you choose at least one, as your dish with it will make you full.

The left is Udon, and the right one is a fry called "Kakiage". Normally if you buy a Kakiage at a supermarket, it isn't so big as this. This set cost only 410 yen. What a bargain. =)

The competitions between restaurants get fiercer when we're in recession, but at the same time recession makes them tougher in my opinion.