Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Update on Akihabara

Hi, it's been a while since I updated my blog, but I haven't been feeling well until recently. I went to AKB last weekend because like I said the summer is when you can feel that energy coming from the area. 

It seems some lewd anime is ongoing now. But I don't think it's rated R because any anime that gets broadcast can't be too lewd. But in my opinion, an anime's quality depends on its story like Haruhi and K-On!  

As I said two years ago, Kebab is something you can enjoy as a foreign dish in AKB. It seemed to be still selling.

 I saw some graffiti-like painting for a live house. I think the artists would play something related to anime because I can see the anime-like girl in the center. 

 I was looking for an LED pen light, and walking from one shop to another. I was sweating a river as the temperature was about 95 Fahrenheit. The price for the light was only 3 dollars. Akihabara  is where you can buy electronics on the cheap. 

One side of a Sofmap. It's quite typical of AKB. One thing I was told by a Chinese was that there were mostly guys in this area. So even if you don't have a gf, you can walk around comfortably in this area, haha. ^^;

 My friend and I was looking for good earphones for our ipods. This shop is where you can try every earphones, which I think is important because you wouldn't want to feel disappointed after spending about 100 dollars. 

I saw this figure standing in front of a Pachinko parlor. It's where you can play slot machine-like pinballs. If you get many balls, you can exchange them for money. Some people are really addicted to this gambling. 

Obviously, there are many cafes, but instead of relaxing at a cafe, walking down the streets of AKB would let you feel more entertained.