Wednesday, July 18, 2012

魚べい (Uobei)

I tended to go to the same restaurants these days because there hasn't been a newly opened one. But when I went to the biggest mall in my city, I saw this Kaiten sushi restaurant for the first time.

 The kanji 魚 means "fish". I came here last weekend, and it was really crowded as each dish cost only 100 yen. It's close to a little over one dollar. 

Usually they put two pieces on a dish. But if the sushi is really good like fatty tuna, you can have only one piece on one dish. 

Most of the Kaiten sushi I've seen tend to serve cake too. I guess it's because they want to entertain kids too. I've seen kids taking cake only. When I was very small I didn't like sushi either.  

And sweet potato was available too! 

As each dish was only 100 yen, you'd feel full with only 8 dishes or so. That translates into 800 yen for lunch. It would be reasonable for anybody and you can also have fun picking up only your favorites :)