Monday, July 2, 2012

神 ice

Let me introduce an ice cream shop in Akihabara called "神 ice". The Kanji 神 means "God", and if Otaku people want to refer to something very epic, they would call it 神-something, which means it is as good as God. For example, you can call a very good song 神曲. The latter Kanji 曲 is "song". So I think the owner of this ice cream shop wanted to mean it serves ice cream that tastes superb to you.

This shop is on the first floor of a building "AKIBA 神TOWER", and it has other floors where you can get massage, and see amateur idols sing in front of you. You can see how to go from Akihabara station to this shop by seeing the video below. Also, here's a link to the website of this tower.

Normally Akihabara is very crowded like the pics I showed you before, so I guess this video was shot in the early morning.